Offer for the Educational Community

Cultural visit to the Castle of Bury Al-Hamman and educational workshops in Baños de la Encina
from €3.50 to €7.50 per pupil

The Castle of Burch al-Hamman is one of the best-conserved tapial castles of its architectural type. As it was impossible to re-use its materials, its original walled section has been kept almost intact as a result. It was built on top of the hill known as Cerro del Cueto, where there is evidence that humans were present before the castle was constructed (in the Copper Age), as shown in the archaeological site located inside the walled section. The Castle was built in the Almohad age, linked to the defences that were raised in the Alto Guadalquivir (the Upper Guadalquivir) before the Battle of Navas de Tolosa (1212).


At 10:00, meet in the public car park.

At 10:15, educational visit to the Castle of Burch al-Hamman.  Price: €3.50/pupil (including entry and an educational booklet adapted to each educational level).

From 11:30 to 12:00, breakfast (food provided by pupils themselves).

From 12:00 to 13:30, start of the workshops or the activity chosen by the school:

  • Educational walk through Baños de la Encina: this will enable pupils to learn about the historical evolution of the municipality from the Cerro de Cueto. Price: €2/pupil.
  • Visit to the Windmill and a milling workshop: this will teach pupils about the historic importance of growing and using grain. Price: €1.50/pupil.
  • Archaeology Workshop: pupils will learn about the work of archaeologists and will discover some pieces buried in practice dig boxes themselves, learning the process behind identifying, cataloguing and other archaeological procedures. Price: €3/pupil.
  • Prehistoric Ceramics Workshop and the Territorial Museum: this aims to teach pupils about the importance of ceramics as an archaeological material, developing pupils’ creativity by giving them the chance to make their own ceramic pieces using pre-historic techniques. Price: €4/pupil.
  • The Bronze Cultural Tour: a 6.5km walk along the old pathways of the Communal Pasture of Santo Cristo, where pupils will learn about the environmental, ethnographic, geological and archaeological aspects of Baños de la Encina. Price: €3/pupil.


You can combine several workshops if you wish to spend a full day in and around our town.

All prices include the supervisors necessary for the number of pupils and the activity chosen, the educational material and the support material for the workshops. The timetables are for guidance and can be adapted to suit the needs of each school.



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