Offer for the Educational Community

Alcalá la Real, adventure on the border, a dynamic tour of the Fortress of la Mota
6€ per pupil

The monument complex of the Fortress of la Mota in Alcalá la Real is located on a magical spot 1,033 m above sea level. This monument site was the key, guard and defence of the Christian kingdoms and is currently the old fortified city of Alcalá la Real, a place that has been inhabited since the prehistoric era. It was a border citadel under the control of the Nasrid kingdom in Granada and was subsequently used as the headquarters of the Christian troops. In the Fortress of la Mota, the Moorish citadel known as the Alcazaba and the Main Abbatial Church were discovered, which along with a labyrinth of streets, neighbourhoods, townhouses and wineries, dominate the archaeological site of one of the most iconic landmarks in Andalusia.


From 10:00 to 10:30, meet in the car park of the Fortress of la Mota and breakfast (pupils must bring their own food).

From 10:30 to 13:00, dynamic visit to the Fortress of la Mota.

This will be conducted through the Aventura en la Frontera(Adventure on the Border) activity. It is a magnificent adventure which covers every corner of the Fortress using educational and entertaining methods, making pupils experience history and go deeper into it. Special attention is given to the Vida en la Frontera (Life on the Border) visitor centre, which combines group dynamics with a sensory and educational experience, with the appropriate curricular level for each different school group in mind. The visit comes with an educational booklet.

Adventure on the Border is an activity specifically for pupils, which can be adapted to different curricular levels, which makes it possible for pupils to learn about who lived on the border of al-Andalus and how they lived.


The Foundation of Medium-sized Cities in the Centre of Andalusia “Your history”. Tel: +34 953102717. Website: E-mail: Municipal Tourist Office. Palacio Abacial, Tel: +34 953582077.