Offer for the Educational Community

Alcaudete, cultural visit to the Calatravan Castle – Educational workshops
from €3 to €6 per pupil

The Castle of Alcaudete houses a visitor centre focusing on the Military Order of Calatrava, an institution that, in the middle of the 13th century, converted the castle into the most important bastion along the border area and the spearhead of the Christian advance on the Moorish territory of Granada. The Torre del Homenaje (keep), one of the most solid and tallest amongst Spanish medieval architecture, rises amidst the peaks of the Sierra Sur. The fortress began life as a Moorish watchtower. The warrior monks of the Order of Calatrava converted the tower into a fortress to defend against the Nasrid kingdom of Granada. Today it is hugely worth visiting thanks to its interesting visitor centre, which charts the evolution of the fortress: its beginnings as a Moorish watchtower, its subsequent conversion into a Caltravan castle and its definitive form as a Renaissance palace associated with the counts of Alcaudete.


At 10:00, meet on Plaza Santa María.

From 10:00 to 12:20, breakfast (food provided by pupils themselves) and a guided tour of the Calatravan castle with dialogue adapted to the curricular level of the pupils. Price: €3/pupil.

From 12:20 to 13:00, educational workshops for groups of at least 25 pupils. Teachers will be able to choose the workshops which are best suited to their pupils’ educational level and the school curriculum. Price: €3/pupil. Options to choose from:

Falconry workshop: the importance of falconry in the Middle Ages and the role of birds of prey today will be explained to pupils. There is also the chance to have photos taken with the birds of prey (check cost).

Introductory Archery Workshop: an expert instructor will develop pupils’ skills and concentration through this art.

Medieval gymkhana: Through a theatrical tour, different characters which live within the walls of the fortress will appear and will put pupils to the testwith challenges and riddles which intend to help them discover where the great treasure of the Castle is hidden.

 FULL DAY (at no extra cost)

From 13:00 to 14:00, a walk through the old quarter and Alcaudete Park.

From 14:00 to 16:00, a picnic lunch in Fuensanta Park and free time. Pupils will bring their own food. You can eat in the Castle. Check the menu and prices.

From 16:00 to 17:30, a trip without a guide along the Olive Oil Green Route.

There is teaching support available through the educational booklet El Castillo de Alcaudete, un espacio lleno de historias (The Castle of Alcaudete, a place full of stories). Price: €2/unit.



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