Offer for the Educational Community

Bulkuna and Porcuna, the Andalus and Christian city. Visit the New Tower/Tower of Boabdil and the ruins of the castle.
Free of charge

Porcuna, a town named by Alfonso XIII in 1908, is a “city of cities”: the Iberian IBOLCA, the Roman OBVLCO, the Hispanic-Visigothic OBOLCÓN and the Hispano-Muslim BULKUNA. It is one name which has travelled through time. In one visit, you can learn about all of these cities. On the outskirts of the Ibero-Roman city is the large Cerrillo Blanco Sculpture Collection, which is one-of-a-kind and of unique quality. The Roman fortification was remodelled during the medieval period. The Hispano-Muslim regime built one of the most important fortresses in the region. After the city was taken by Fernando III in around 1242, he handed it over to the Military Order of Caltrava, later constructing a Palatial Complex of incredible architectural beauty. Its crowning feature is the New Tower, which was constructed at the start of the 15th century and was where Boabdil El Chico, the last King of Granada, was imprisoned for several months around 1488.

The New Tower/Tower of Boabdil is currently the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Obvlco.

The stonework in the city provides visitors with beautiful sights through its urban labyrinth and its different monuments. The collection of Archaeological Complexes in the district and in the city have resulted in Porcuna being named a Cultural Heritage Asset, as an Archaeological Site (Official Gazette of the Autonomous Government of Andalusia of 26/07/2013).


  • 10:00: Reception of the group in the Plenary Session Hall of the City Hall of Porcuna, rooms 3a and 3b of the Archaeological Museum.
  • From 10:30 to 11:00:  A guided tour of the Parish Church of the Asunción in Porcuna to see the wall paintings by Julio Romero de Torres.
  • 11:00: Breakfast (pupils must bring their own food) on Plaza de Andalucía.
  • From 11:15 to 12: A guided tour of the Ruins of the Castle of Porcuna and the New Tower/Tower of Boabdil, the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Obulco.
  • From 12:00 to 12:30 (OPTIONAL): A visit to the Casa de la Piedra (House of Stone) in Porcuna (Normal price: 2 euros/pupil for groups. Guided tour: 3 euros/pupil)
  • From 12:30 to 13:00: A guided tour of the Cerrillo Blanco archaeological site.


For a full day, you must contact HOLGAR, the Cultural Services Company for Porcuna. The following activities are on offer:

*  Lunch can be provided

Picnic: Sandwich, water, fruit and yoghurt. €4/child. For a set menu, check prices.


*A theatrical tour of Cerrillo Blanco: *The Iberians of Ipolka*

For an hour, the priests of Cerrillo Blanco will tell us everything that we have always wanted to know about the Iberian world. Price: €3/child *Workshops are run in the Cerrillo Blanco visitor centre:

*1.  **The warrior of Ipolka *We will tell you the incredible story of the Warrior of Ipolka, his customs

in battle and his weapons, and we will attempt to reproduce them. Workshop price: €3/child. Activity duration: 2 hours.

*2.  **Ipolka Fashion Day.* We are going to put on our own special fashion show. We will create our own designs and jewellery just like how they did in the Iberian period. Workshop price: €3/child. Activity duration: 2 hours.

*3.  **The Ibero-Roman currency. *While we learn how they made coins in ancient times and what they were used for, we will recreate one of them. Workshop price: €4/child. Activity duration: 2 hours.