Your Castles and Battlegrounds Route Passport gives you access to direct discounts, offers, gifts and prize draws for trips by producing it in collaborating establishments. The Castles and Battlegrounds Route Product Club sweepstakes include two trips of three days and two nights for two people in bed-and-breakfast accommodation for those who collect ten stamps from member establishments. You win a prize with only five stamps. Download the Passport from this website, where you can also see all the benefits it entitles you to in restaurants, hotels, castles, museums and many more offers.

  • The Passport is personal and non-transferable. The discounts, offers and prizes only apply to the bearer, who must be of legal age. The Passport can only be used once in each establishment. We have a diploma for children aged under 18. They can have it stamped to receive prizes and offers but cannot use it to participate in travel sweepstakes.
  • To use the Passport, you must have it validated in one of the Route’s castles or visitors centres (see where they are at
  • Get stamps by using the services offered in member establishments that bear the Route’s logo. An updated list of the establishments is published on our website. Only one stamp per establishment is allowed.
  • With every five stamps, you get a direct prize that you can collect in any of our castles and visitors centres.
  • Collect ten stamps to participate in the sweepstakes for two trips of three days and two nights for two people in a bed-and-breakfast hotel. The dates and results of the sweepstakes are published on our website. The winners are notified via the contact information they provided.
  • When you have collected ten stamps from ten different establishments, send you Passport via email to or by post to Club de Producto Turístico. Ruta de los Castillos
  • y las Batallas. Plaza San Francisco, 2. 23071, Jaén. Do not forget to look at the date this campaign ends on the front page of your passport.

Download and print the information on the issue, validation and stamping points and places offering discounts.