La Casa del Barro Pottery

We produce a large variety of artistic and functional pottery, as well as any type of requests. We also offer experiences in our Pottery Workshops.

Baécula Olive Oils.

Innovation and tradition come together in this olive-oil business which has more than 80 years of experience and has an olive-oil mill in the city of Bailén. It offers guided tours and tasting sessions so that visitors can learn about how extra-virgin olive oil is made, its smells, its flavours and its applications and benefits.

Cristóbal Arance Pottery.

The experience amassed by three generations of artisan potters and the quality of the clay in Bailén has resulted in a wide range of pottery pieces which have made this business a benchmark in the sector. A personalised pottery service and a tour of the studio are also on offer to tourists.

La Casa del Artesano Pottery.

Two craftsmen dedicated to the gallant and noble trade of pottery-making display the figures and pots which they have made themselves in this studio in Bailén. As well as seeing the exhibition and visiting the shop selling all types of furnishings, sculptures or murals, visitors will be able to work the clay in the same way that it was worked in the past.

CAMPOS Products.

The Campos family have been making luxury confectionery, Christmas sweets and artisan pastries and deserts for seven decades. Remaining faithful to tradition, they are also constantly innovating in their wide range of products, re-introducing typical sweets from Sephardic gastronomy, for example. Everything is made with high-quality raw materials.

San Roque Agricultural Co-operative.

More than 70 years of experience, over one thousand members and some 5,000 hectares for growing olive groves have resulted in one of the best olive oils made in Jaén. The facilities boast the most advanced technology to guarantee the quality of a product unlike any other in the world.

García Morón Olive Oil.

Since 1850, it has produced and bottled pomace oil and virgin olive oil following a strict quality control system recognised by Aenor. In its commitment to the environment and sustainable development, the by-products of the olive grove are used for generating energy or in wood-fired kilns for making ceramics as well.

El Madroño Country House.

What previously were farm buildings used for agricultural purposes are now beautiful facilities which have all the charm of an Andalusian farm, perfect for all types of events or celebrations. Here, tourists can also visit a modern olive-oil mill and a museum dedicated to the traditional methods used for making olive oil.

Marcelino Serrano Vineyards and Winery.

Vineyards and a winery have spectacularly blended into the beautiful countryside in the Sierra Sur area of Jaén. Wines of great quality are made here, re-introducing varieties of grapevine grown in the Middle Ages. Its carefully-prepared output includes monovarietal wines, such as Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tierra de Frontera Craft Beer.

This is the first craft beer made in Jaén and also one of the trailblazers in Andalusia. Redevelopment and tradition come together in this young business which aims to offer a product of exceptional quality and to bring a new variety of beer which is different to all the others already on the market.