From 18 to 20 July



18 July:

- Inaugural street processions.

  • Time: 21:00

- Theatrical performanceson Plaza de la Iglesia.

  • Time: 21:30.

- Musical performancefromCeltipatíaon Plaza de la Iglesia in Navas de Tolosa.

  • Time: 23:30

19 July:

- Market entertainment

  • Times: 11:30 and evening/night-time.

- Storytellers and children’s workshops.

  • Time: Morning onwards.

- Falconry exhibition.

  • Time: 12:00

- Market entertainment.

  • Time: 19:00

- Re-enactment of the Battle of Navas de Tolosa.

  • Time: 21:30.

- Medieval Music Concert.

  • Time: 23:30

- Fireworks display

  • Time: 00:30

18, 19 and 20 July:

- Medieval Market of traditional products and handicrafts.

  • Opening hours: All day

- Market providing an urban atmosphere and entertainment

  • Opening hours: All day

- Birds of prey exhibition.

  • Opening hours: All day

20 July:

-Welcoming the Brotherhood of Ballesteros de la Vera Cruz from Vilches.

  • Time: 09:30

- Medieval breakfast.

  • Time: 09:30

- Offering to Santa Cruz.

  • Time: 10:30


“A Rueda” Biker Club

Are you a fan of cycling? If you like the practice of this activity, either road or mountain, this club organizes weekly cycling routes departing from La Carolina. No matter the age, preparation or physical level. You just have to be willing to enjoy sport and nature.

La Toja Restaurant

Dedicated to haute cuisine. A benchmark in its sector, it has an extensive range of services, restaurants, catering and even its own factory, where it makes its famous partridge paté. Its success is based on the careful selection of raw materials and the quality of its professionals.

El Arco Restaurant

Serreña cuisine, which was traditionally cooked in the Sierra Morena area, is well represented in this restaurant in La Carolina. On their menu, lovers of good food will find dishes based on garden produce and, in particular, mountain-game and small-game meat.